Would you pass the theory test?

Outside of school exams it’s regarded as one of the most daunting test you can take, but it seems that Irish motorists are confident they could pass their driving test with flying colours second time around. According to new research from Carzone, Ireland’s number one website to buy and sell new and used cars, 91% of Irish motorists say they would pass their driving test if they had to take it again.

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The research which was carried out among motorists as part of the Carzone Motoring Report examines our experiences of learning to drive. The research reveals that 41% of those questioned learned to drive between the age of 17-20 with ‘parent pressure’ being the reason why 1 in 5 got behind the wheel in the first place. A further 46% say they were inspired to learn to drive because they wanted independence.

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According to the research the first lesson is usually a family affair. 40% of those polled were given their first taste of the open road by their dad, while over a quarter (26%) went to a driving instructor. Only 8% had their first driving lesson from their mother and 7% say a sibling taught them. Given the family influence on first time drivers, it’s no surprise that 48% of those questioned say they first learned to drive in their parents’ car.

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According to the Carzone Motoring report 59% of men passed their test first time compared to 51% of men. For men and women who had to take it a second time, the pass results were relatively even. 30% of men say they passed on a second attempt compared to 29% of women. To test the theory of whether 91% of Irish people would pass their driving test again, snapchat star and learner driver, James Kavanagh took to the streets of Dublin to test the public’s knowledge of the road. When quizzed by James, the theory test proved tougher than anticipated for a number of motorists.  

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Commenting on the findings Ailish Tully said: “Learning to drive is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. whether you take the test as a teenager or later in life. Most of us can vividly remember the first time we got behind the wheel and those first few lessons. It was interesting to see how many people felt they could confidently pass their driving test again. However, when we took to the streets to quiz people on the latest theory test, we found that there may be a need for Irish motorists to brush up on some of the basic rules. Our advice to drivers is to keep yourself up to date with the rules of the road and regularly test your driving knowledge.”

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Carzone - 11-Sep-2017