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A fifth of commuters would consider using an Electric Scooter for their work commute

A fifth of commuters would consider using an Electric Scooter for their work commute

The popularity of Electric Scooters on roads and cycle lanes in Ireland has risen over the past twelve months, but commuters remain sceptical, with no legislation for their use on Irish roads as of yet. According to the latest Carzone Motoring Report, 86% of motorists drive everyday, with three quarters (72%) driving to work each day. The research found that while high numbers of motorists drive to work, only 6% of commuters carpool with colleagues. One fifth (20%) of respondents say they would consider using an e-scooter for their daily commute to work.

This is more apparent among younger motorists, with nearly a third (30%) of 18-34 year olds being open to using an e-scooter compared to 21% of over 45-year olds. Out of those who would consider using an e-scooter, almost half (46%) state that they believe e-scooters are a faster way to get to work and 79% say they would consider using an e-scooter as a cheaper alternative to driving a car. Nearly two thirds (62%) cite the environmental benefits as being the main reason they would consider using an e-scooter over a car.


There are a number of barriers for commuters when it comes to using an e-scooter, 48% of people mention the lack of protection against the weather as a deterent.  An increase in travel time (42%) was also an issue for some, as well as the perception that e-scooters are not safe (36%). Nearly a third (32%), wouldn’t consider an e-scooter due to the fact they are not yet legal on Irish roads, and another 40% would prefer to drive a car.

Commenting on the latest report, Karl Connolly, Audience Manager Carzone said: “Our latest Carzone Motoring Report is our eleventh edition where we examine trends and changing behaviours of Irish motorists. In our latest edition, we’ve put a significant focus on the introduction of the e-scooter as a commuting option.

Electric scooter Ireland

"This year’s report found that people consider e-scooters a more environmentally friendly option and would consider using them instead of a fuel vehicle for their daily commutes. There are still a number of barriers to using e-scooters. Interestingly, the fact that they are not legal was only the fifth most popular barrier, with weather protection, preferences for using a car and not wanting to extend the commute top of Irish people’s considerations”.

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Carzone - 03-Feb-2020