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What Does SUV Stand For?

What Does SUV Stand For?

SUVs have grown to be the most popular segment in the Irish motor industry over the past couple of years, with nearly all manufacturers now having at least one in their range.  But what is an SUV and what does it stand for?

SUV stands for ‘sport utility vehicle’. This term covers many uses including the extreme sport enthusiast, the farmer driving through a field with their trailer or a family with a car full of kids and luggage.

What is an SUV?

Most people may or may not know that SUV is an alternative term used for 4x4, a phrase in which most people will be familiar with. In the past almost all of the vehicles with this body shape were capable of four-wheel drive, and were used for off-roading, exploring and pulling heavy trailers. These days though this body type has become a popular family car, with its spacious interior, light handling and sporty look it makes the ideal family run-around.  Most of these vehicles are not capable of four-wheel drive, nor is there a need for them to be, therefore they are referred to as an SUV.

SUVs have a long body shape like estate cars, but in comparison also have a high roof and wide wheelbase that doubles the interior space. The purpose of the SUV being so tall is to give the driver a better view of the road. This can be a huge advantage when driving off road as it enables the driver to spot rocks and other avoidable objects that may damage the vehicle. But this is also seen as a huge safety advantage for urban driving, allowing the driver to have a clearer view of the road and any obstacles that may be in front of the vehicle.  

Is a crossover an SUV?

There are differences between a crossover and an SUV even though both terms are used by car manufacturers to describe similar looking body types. A crossover is essentially a smaller SUV with the same engine as a hatchback. Crossover’s don’t have the power or weight that the SUV has and could not be utilised for some of the activities the SUV can like pulling a trailer, off-roading or driving through extreme weather conditions.

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Carzone - 04-Jul-2018