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Which of these Audis to go for?

Which of these Audis to go for?

looking at Audi A4 161 or A6 161. which cars. A4 is sline auto. A6 se auto. both priced the same. trading in my a5. which would be the better purchase.. like both. tks Keith


Hi Keith,

The reason the A4 is probably the same price as the A6 is that it’s a higher-spec S line car, whereas the A6 is an SE. No reason to avoid the bigger saloon, of course, but we’d recommend the A4 because the A6 will be a C7-generation model, which was superseded by the C8 A6 in 2018, so the 161-plate car you’re looking at is based on much older Audi technology than the A4 – which, in turn, should be an early example of the current ‘B9’ generation vehicle. It’s therefore less likely to depreciate as heavily as the A6 from this point forwards.

Shane O' Donoghue - 08-Jan-2019