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Which commuting car for €6k?

Which commuting car for €6k?

Hi looking for advice..need a car for work...average kms per year 20k i travel quite a bit. Need space for 2 car seats. Budget really tight as this is second family car & our 2009 Toyota avensis on last legs according to mechanic head gasket could go anytime. We can really only afford to spend between 5/6k and want something to last 4yrs plus.... any advice so much appreciated


Hi Aisling,

For that money, if you need a family car and you want reliability on a budget, it has to be something Asian – either Japanese or Korean. Take a look at the Suzuki SX-4, the Hyundai ix35, the Nissans Juke/Qashqai/X-Trail or even a Mitsubishi Outlander with the diesel engine. In fact, for 20,000km a year, diesel in any of these vehicles may suit you best.


Shane O' Donoghue - 10-Oct-2019