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Which SUV for long distance?

Which SUV for long distance?

I'm starting a new job soon which involves driving up to 50k per year and I am seeking advise on what would be the most comfortable but economical for such mileage. I'm currently driving a standard saloon Car but my back gets stiff and aches a little after long drives and i was thinking of a crossover / SUV but since I havent driven one i not sure if this would be a good choice for high mileage Tuscon, Tiguan and Hondas HRV are models that interest me in this category. The alternative is to go for a A6 or similiar... What would you advise ?


Hi Gary,

With that mileage, you need a diesel so that it makes financial sense and there’s nothing wrong with any of the four cars (three SUVs, one saloon) you mention. However, if you get a bad back, we’d suggest looking at a used diesel Volvo of some description, budget allowing, as the Swedish manufacturer is generally accepted as the maker of the comfiest, most ergonomic car seats in the business. If you like a crossover or SUV, you could do a lot worse than a used Mk1 XC60, but also consider the V60 Cross Country as an alternative.

Shane O' Donoghue - 07-Feb-2019