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When to change my Qashqai?

When to change my Qashqai?

I bought a new 181 Qashqai SV petrol in January 2018 and it currently has 17,000km on the clock. In late 2019 I started seeing these cars for sale on carzone for about €20k. Concerned about how much it would take for me to buy a new one I got prices of €10k to buy the current model in 2020. However, with a new Qashqai due late 2020 or early 2021 I had decided to wait. With the impact of Covid 19 on sales garages will surely tell customers planning to buy a new car that the value of their trade in has fallen because of demand impacted by covid 19. My question is would you recommend that I try to do a deal after Covid 19 restrictions are lifted in 2020 or do you think that there will be still some value left in my trade in to wait until 2021. I obviously want to change when I could get the most value. How do you see the market over the coming year?


Hi Vincent,

We’re going to be honest with you and say we’re almost as much in the dark as you – no one has ever experienced anything like this before and so the industry has no precedent to fall back upon for things going forward. One options is to hold on to your car until mid-2021 at the earliest, because its value is likely to be artificially low at the moment due to the decreased market demand. However, car companies will be desperate for new sales now, so you may get an outstanding deal right now as well. Why not shop around right now and see what you could potentially get for your money and then make a decision?

Shane O' Donoghue - 17-May-2020