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What's up with my Alhambra?

What's up with my Alhambra?

Seat Alhambra 2011 2 ltr diesel Been in limp mode for a month. P0087 code - low pressure rail Replaced DPF, Lambda, filter, tested injectors and replaced fuel pump on engine. Still limp. Its been to 3 mechanics including Seat (€600 to say it was the pump) Its now back to first mechanic. Spent €2000 so far and only have driven it 200 kms. Any ideas on whats causing it folks?


Hi Anthony,

What a nightmare...

I wonder if any of the mechanics tested the connection between the accelerator pedal and the wiring loom? It is a known weakness in that car that can cause all kinds of problems.

Saying that, the error code you mentioned does indeed mean low fuel pressure. I wonder if the sensor itself was tested? If the pressure is fine, but the sensor is faulty, it could potentially give the same error.

Shane O' Donoghue - 10-Oct-2019