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Thoughts on this Volvo diesel?

Thoughts on this Volvo diesel?

Hi Carzone. I am looking at VOLVO estate 1.6 turbo diesel at my local dealer.I drove the car for a test drive and seemed nice to drive and for a 1.6 i though good enough power.I stop the car looked under neath.There was water like substance dropping a lot from the position of the gear box.There was a protective covering so i was not able to see exactly the spot.What could it be.Second question is a 1.6 powerful enough for this estate car.especially with a full load. Kind Regards Martin Sheehan.


Hi Martin,

You've not mentioned which Volvo it is. If it's the V50, then the 1.6-litre engine is perfectly fine, though if you're filling the car up with people and luggage regularly, you may prefer the larger diesel option.

I'd walk away from any car presented at a dealership with an unexplained fluid leak as you've described, though.

Shane O' Donoghue - 26-Jun-2020