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So a supermini is enough?

So a supermini is enough?

Thanks again Shane. So to sum up, you feel the supermini's like a Fabia, Fiesta, Polo etc are good enough for a trip to and from Wicklow - Donegal every weekend for example? I had it in my mind I needed a bigger car like a Kia Ceed, Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 etc. Or would these bigger cars be better if I could afford them. I dont want to go Diesel as I wont be doing these long journeys daily. Also, when looking for a car, what would you consider important? Engine Size? BHP? Mileage? Thanks again


Hi Sylvester,

Modern superminis are more than capable of doing long distances, they feel fine on the motorway/main arterial routes and they have the toys/build quality to last the distance. It all depends on your own tastes as to what is most important – if you want to accelerate fast, hp is going to be of more interest than l/km, but in reality if you’re buying a supermini I’d aim at the most economical one you can find. It’s a runaround, at the end of the day, even with the long trips thrown in, so why should it cost you extra cash to keep it running?

Shane O' Donoghue - 10-Sep-2019