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Looking for cheap electric car

Looking for cheap electric car

Hi I'm looking for an electric or hybrid car as a runaround.Want a reliable cheap car that won't let me down.Any help appreciated.Thanks.Seán


Hi Sean,

Though you say 'cheap' you don't give us any indication of what that might mean to you, so we're going to have to be relatively vague with our suggestions. In terms of used cars, there are not loads of electric or hybrid cars in the classifieds as they have never sold well.

The cheapest used electric cars on the market are early examples of the Nissan Leaf, which have dipped under €8,000. Like all electric cars, we'd expect those to be ultra reliable (they have far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel car), but the range of the batteries is woeful, not much above 100km. If you're looking at new electric cars, then the Renault Zoe fits your requirements well, though it starts at over €25,000.

There are more used hybrids around and those are mostly by Toyota, Lexus or Honda, which means they're also very reliable. You won't find much for under €10,000, though.

Depending on your budget, it may well make more financial sense to stick with a good efficient petrol engine rather than pay more for an older hybrid car.

Karl Connolly - 12-Jul-2019