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Is this Skoda Fabia price right?

Is this Skoda Fabia price right?

Hi I have a Skoda fabia 10 with 75.000 miles it's a basic modeli phoned a garage looking to trade it in .gave my details he quoted me 2.500 I was shocked. Would that be right ? Or what would I get on the private market ? Thanks


Hi Anne,

It’s possibly on the low side but it’s not out of the ordinary. Realistically, your 2010 Fabia is worth about €5,000 on the second-hand market, maybe a touch more, so the dealer offers you a lower trade-in price as they have to go through the process of getting the car ready for sale – and they are of course investing their money in it, when it might sit on their forecourt for months on end after they’ve taken it off your hands. See if you can get €2,750 or even €3,000 out of them, but accept that you might have to take a trade-in of €2,500 unless you’re prepared to go through the hassle of selling the car yourself for a higher figure.

Shane O' Donoghue - 21-May-2020