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Is my Fluence economical?

Is my Fluence economical?

Just bought a 2013 R link fluence, booked it in for a service with a main dealer, its been over a year since it was serviced, but it hasn't done a lot of mileage in that year or so, but my problem so far is that its heavy on fuel averaging 6.3l per 100km at absolute best, is this typical mileage to expect?


Hi Sean,

The Fluence (assuming you mean the 1.5 dCi diesel) is capable of better than that for sure, but it depends massively on where it is being driven and on the driving style. It will do a lot better on a long cruise or amble through the countryside, say, in comparison to around town in stop-start traffic. You mention low mileage; that could also lead to clogging up of the particulate filter and other engine parts that would worsen your fuel economy. 

Other simple things to check:

- The cleansiness of the air filter

- The tyre pressures

- Remove any rook rack or extra unnecessary weight carried in the boot

- Only turn on rear window demister when necessary


Shane O' Donoghue - 13-Jan-2020