I have about €30k to spend...

I have about €30k to spend...

I have about 30k to spend on a new car. I have a 161 Tucson but I am happy for a good saloon. Not too sure what to go for. Any suggestions would be great. I do about 25k km a year. Would prefer a diesel or hybrid. Either manual or auto. Looking to change new year


Hi Mandy,

OK, if you fancy a hybrid for that kind of budget then I would think that Toyota should be your first port of call — the new Prius really is very good, and hugely economical, but obviously you may not be able to live with the styling. If not, both Hyundai (Ioniq) and Kia (Niro) offer decent hybrid alternatives, but they’re going to feel pretty small if you’re getting out of a Tucson. If you fancy a switch to a saloon, how about a Skoda Superb 1.4 turbo? With the 150hp engine it’s sweet to drive, economical, hugely roomy and will keep you happily away from diesel without needing to go down the hybrid route.

Shane O' Donoghue - 12-Sep-2017