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How to know if my Fabia is buring oil?

How to know if my Fabia is buring oil?

What signs would show if my 1.4 petrol fabia was burning oil


Hi Barry,

There are a few things to look out for, number one of which is how quickly the oil level goes down on the dipstick. Check it, top the oil up if needs be, and check it again frequently. If the level is dropping noticeably over a matter of days or even weeks, then something is up. It could be an oil leak rather than something in the engine allowing the oil to get into the combustion chambers (and hence 'burn'), so park the car on a clean and flat surface and let it idle. Look underneath for any evidence of a leak.

If a car is buring a lot of oil, then its exhaust smoke will usually smell distinctive and may appear to have a blue tint.

As ever with these things, if you are unsure, bring the car to a good mechanic to give it a once over.

Shane O' Donoghue - 11-Jan-2019