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How can I fix my Toyota?

How can I fix my Toyota?

Hi My 2009 Toyota Urban Cruiser (petrol) has for the first time not passed the nct test. The only failure item was on one of the emissions tests (ie at high idle - 2,650 rpm - the result was CO 0.77 vol% compared to a failing limit above 0.2%). I don't know what this means or what I can do; there is no obvious defect and my mechanic cannot suggest an obvious remedy. I would be grateful for any advice you can offer. Regards


Hi John,

It's very likely that this has been caused by the catalytic converter. That engine tends to burn oil and the residue can clog it up. You could replace it, but that would be very expensive. Before you do that, I recommend you get a catalytic converter cleaning product from your local motor factor to put in the fuel tank, following the instructions. This could be enough to clean it up and get the car through its NCT.

Shane O' Donoghue - 05-Sep-2019