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Best SUV for resale?

Best SUV for resale?

what suv has highest resale value. currently have vw tiguan and how would it compare?


Hi Diarmuid,

That’s an open-ended question... It entirely depends on your budget, and also whether you’re talking about its residual value as a percentage of its new price. For instance, a Dacia Duster has a low level of depreciation because it doesn’t cost much in the first place – and yet, the most desirable second-hand SUV would be something like a top-end Range Rover, although these will lose a lot of money from new. Frankly, your Tiguan is one of the best balanced for this kind of financial consideration: it’s premium enough to be desirable used, but isn’t massively expensive to buy and it holds it value well because it’s a Volkswagen. You’d not go far wrong replacing it like for like.

Shane O' Donoghue - 25-Mar-2020