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Any fully electric SUVs on sale?

Any fully electric SUVs on sale?

Hi, are there any full EV SUVs on the market at the moment or coming soon? Are the hybrid SUVs my next best bet? Need car space of SUV but do little mileage & most driving in traffic.


Hi Rob,

There are four on sale already – the Jaguar I-Pace, the Audi e-tron, the Mercedes EQC (ok, this hasn't quite arrived yet) and the Tesla Model X. None of these are cheap, but they are all pure electric vehicles. You’d be OK with a plug-in hybrid SUV for your usage, of which there’s much more choice and more on the second-hand market, reducing the cost – popular ones here are any T8-badged Volvos from 2015-onwards (XC60 or XC90, still quite pricey though) or the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, by far the most popular PHEV in Europe and relatively affordable, too.

Shane O' Donoghue - 11-Jun-2019